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Greek-flag Club Thermos ..The first and only members club in Cyprus of its kind ….. Ever!

Cyprus’s Only Premier Sauna Club.

Nestling into the edges of local mountains “Thermos” stands secluded, private, out and proud! Methodically constructed to a modern, contemporary design. We in sunny Cyprus are aiming to be the standard by which all other Spa Sauna’s are set. Privately owned and run with exclusive membership only status. Ideally situated in the Mediterranean to bridge the gap between the Middle East and Europe. Sauna Club Thermos in Southern Cyprus is simply perfectly situated to accommodate every modern persons needs, dreams and expectations.

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Cyprus’s Only Premier Private Gay Sauna Club.

 Wednesday – Shy Guy Night  19:00 pm – 23:59

.Friday –  19:00 pm – 02:00 am. Gay n Bi Guys

Saturday –  19:00 pm – 02:00 am. Gay n Bi Guys


TEL 00357 99994434

Email : info@thermos-spa.com

Private Members Club